Robot Training :

We can offer training on your site to suit your requirements. we are flexible in our approach to training and will base the training around your equipment and requirements. For all our courses we always cover the basics of SAFETY, JOGGING, and SAFE OPERATION. We have a course that can suit either the complete novice to the advanced Technician who wants to further their Skills basis. Call us on 01335 350 999 for any requirements you may have.

The following general courses for up to 4 persons available in either Basic or Advanced form. the courses are normally either 2 or 3 days. s3 s4, s4c, s4c+ and IRC5 available in the following applications:

Programming : Maintenance: installation: Bespoke Applications:

For the Basic courses, no prior knowledge of the Robot, Controller, or Rapid Programming Language is required. Our basic courses are 100% hands-on the Robot Teach Pendant unit. For the advanced courses a thorough basic understanding of the robot and Teach pendant are required and the pre-requisite is normally that the candidate has undertaken a basic course in the field required and gained at least 3-6 months hands-on experience.

All participants will receive a signed attendance certificate as shown Below: